Jimmy Rollins Benched

Post All Star depression set in as the Phillies lost to the crummy Mets. Not only did they lose, they are now if 2nd place behind the crappy Mets.  They lost in part because of Jimmy Rollins being benched for arriving late to the game.  Rolling was only a few minutes late but lateness is something that Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel does not tolerate, and as a result was benched.

When asked about being benched Rollins stated he did not agree with the coach but understands that Manual has the final say in the matter.   Jimmy, you were late the game.  You were late to a Mets game.  You were late to a Mets game where the outcome decide weather you would remain in first place. 

Although it sucks the Phillies are now in second place I have to respect Charlie Manuel for sticking by his guns.  Rollins is a great player but his inability to be at the game on time for what ever reason warrants being benched.  Jimmy you are a great Short Stop but you need to make sure you are on time.  If not for anything but the magnitude of the game.

If the Phillies make it to the playoffs this year could someone please, set Jimmy Rollins’ watch ahead by an hour.  I’d really hate to give up a playoff game because of lateness. 

Gotta Win To Stay In First Place

Ok Sillies, I mean Philles we need to pick up the pieces and give it back to the Mets.  Lets forget about them scoring runs in the first because of walks and a hit batter.  Lets forget about the night before when the Phillies had a fantastic victory.  Moyer needs to steady the ship and get the Phillies back on track.


Brian Westbrook

Well it’s finally here, the Philadelhia Eagles 2008 Season.  Although just a seedling this season is  sure to grow into an exciting one. 

But first things first.   The Eagles need to give Westbrook the money he deserves.  It seems like he gets a touch on every series.  He has proven time and again he can get the job done.    Just watch the video!

As for merchandise Brian Westbrook is the 2nd best selling player behind Donavan McNabb.     If Brian Westbrook decides to not play because of contract issues it will be a long season.  So pay him the money and lets look forward to a great season. 


In What Week Will McNabb Get Injured

I really hate to start out posting for the Eagles 2008-2009 season with a negative thought, but the title of this post has been on my mind since Donovan McNabb was sidelined during an earlier mini-camp.  

Early in June Donovan McNabb was told he had to sit out of practice because he had tendinitis in his shoulder.  I was driving home from work when I heard the new on the radio.  My first thought as an Eagles fan was to drive my car into a pole.  I could not believe the season did not even start and the Eagles were having QB problems.

We all know when McNabb is healthy the Philadelphia Eagles tend to have success, but over the last three seasons he does not seem to be able to stay healthy.  His list of injuries include sports hernia, torn ACL, and ankle injuries.  And that list leads me to ask the question.  In What week will Donovan McNabb get injured?