Phillies Back On Top

By beating on the Mets no less.  I only caught the first and probably the worst part of the game.  I saw the first three innings while on the treadmill.  I was about to blow a gasket in the first inning after Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley were both on base and did not score. 

I Left the gym and the Phillies were trailing by three runs.  I get home and now they are behind by six.  To the METS!  I’m thinking WTF.  Now I have to get the kids ready for kids ready for bed and all the fun stuff.  I flip back on the game and it 7-1.  I’m thinking, ok, we just need to take the next two games from the Mets.  I get busy with some other stuff and as I’m getting ready for bed I flip on the news.  The sports comes on and I expect to hear about how the Phillies lost to the Mets.  But no what do I see?  The Phillies are tied with the Mets in the 11th inning.  I can still watch the game.  So I flip back in time to the end of one of the best wins all season.

Time to give props to Jimmiy Rollins for  1 Run and 5 Hits

Eagles vs Patriots Preseason Game 3

Wow.  I only saw some of the game but the birds are looking good.  Saw a few really nice passes, a really nice punt return by Jackson. In fact DeSean Jackson, who’s Eagles Jersey is not even for sale,  had one punt return for 44 yards which was call back because of a penalty and the other was for 77 yards for a TD.  Would it be great to get the eagles special teams back to a top notch level?  Last season special teams performance was dreadful.

One low light was the Dawkins injury but thankfully that appears to be minor.  SO lets go birds.  I might add more to this tomorrow but that’s it for now. Check out DeSean Jackson TD Return against the Patriots below


Jimmy Rollins Comments On Phillies Fans

Yesterday on the ‘Best Damn Sports Show’  Jimmy Rollins said that fans in Philadelphia were front runners.  Before he made the statement he mentioned that he thought he would catch flack for what he was about to say.  Well guess what he’s right.

Sports fans in Philadelphia are starving for a championship!  When one of our sports team gets on a streak and starts performing well we get excited.  Maybe we get more excited than other cities.  But that excitement is a result of not having a championships in a major sport in over 25 years.  We are like the kid in the candy store.  A kid who is told sure you can have some candy, but then at the last minute the kid in front of us take the last piece.  And we are left with what…the excitement of standing in line.   

The very same psychology applies to why outsiders may see us as being rough on our teams.  As fans, we pay top dollar for tickets, parking and merchandise.  When one of our teams is not doing well we are pissed off.  We are pissed when we pour our money, heart and soul into a team and they make lousy plays.  

Jimmy, we are not fron runners.  We are dedicated fans who live and die with our teams.  The Phillies have won one World Series championship and five National League pennants in their history.  A history that dates back to 1883.  We are fans of a team who has lost more games than any other teams in the history of organized sports.

All we want is a World Series Championship.  If not that then your best efforts!  


PS.  I have to give props to the Philly Soul who won the Arena League Football Championship.  Way to go and hats off to a job well done!