Phillies NL East Champions

Well they did it!!!!  The Philles are the Nation League East 2008 Campions.  For the second year in a row!  I truly believe the Phillies can get bast the first round too.  It’s the possibility of the Cubs the is scary at this point.  But that is at least a week away,  let enjoy the fact the Phillies are in the playoff again.


Brian Westbrook Ankle Injury

Brian The Eagle dominated Pittsburgh but may have lost a key player.  Brian Westbrook twisted his ankle. and all I have to say is ouch.  I how really hope he has an ankle sprain of sort that will heal easily and quickly.  The Eagles and Eagles Fans will have a long season if the injury is serious. Last I heard was that he will have an MRI some time this morning. I think everyone would agree though, Correll Buckhalter did a great job when Westbrook went down.   

Beside the injury to Westbrook the game was awesome.  The Eagles defense owned Ben Roethlisberger.  With a total of nine sacks I sure he was flinching and jumping in his sleep last night.  Brian Dawkins had a flying leap to bat the ball from Roethlisberger and recovered the fumble.  Go Dawk  way to show the you will play football at only the highest level. 

On the way in this morning I was listening to 610 sports radio.  The morning crew had Ray Didinger on.  Ray had talked about the Eagles defensive success yesterday against the Steelers.  He talked about the possibly othe the Eaglesdefense being more aggressive in future games.  Man would that be great to have a few more games this season with 5 to 10 sacks?!  

A bit of Philadelphia Eagles history was also made in yesterday’s game.  Donavan McNabb became the Eagles all time leading quarterback for the number of touchdown passes with 176.  Way to go I love to see great Philly sports history. 



Eagles vs Cowboys Monday Night

Ok,  folks here is the seasons first big game and it’s against Dallas.  I actually started writing this post on Wednesday but got busy too busy with other stuff to finish it during the week.  I was and still am optimistic the we can beat the Cowbows on Monday night.  I think we have a great weapon in DeSean Jackson.  He will be the new star in Philly if he has a good game against Dallas.  Just imagine…  A few nice punt returns, maybe he takes one all the way.  There is always the possibility of McNabb and Jackson connecting for some good yardage.  Let’s not forget about Brian Westbrook either.  He will just make the passing game that much more effective because of his threat with he running game.

The Philadelphia Eagles defense could also have a good time wtih Tony Romo.  That along with the much improved special teams, is an eagles victory for sure.  


Eagles Receiver Problems I Don’t Think So

The Eagles open the 2008 – 2009 season with a great deal of talk about the abilities of their wide receivers. Well I think we can all breath a sigh of relief.  Donavan McNabb connected with DeSean Jackson, Greg Lewis, Hank Baskett and Jason Avant.  That’s all 4 starting receivers. To top it off they all had receptions of thirty yards or more!  So yes, regardless of what people say, the Eagles receivers have the ability to make plays.  Just ask the St Louis Rams. :-D

Special Teams also looked great! DeSean Jackson who started as a receiver and punt returner had a 60 yard punt return. It looked like he really wanted to take one to the house which is great!  There were a few time when he was moving backwards rather than forwards, but no really loss of yardage.  I’m sure he will be a threat as the season goes on.

Donavan McNabb made history by becoming the NFL’s top rated quaterback for have the best pass to interception ratio.

Other points, the Eagles Defense had 3 Sacks for a total of 28 yards. After a really bad pass interference call on on Mikell, Sheldon Brown put a great hit on St. Louis’ Jackson.  Those plays were followed up by the Eagles D Sacking Bulger!

I’d have to say the season at this point looks pretty good.  Now I need to go cheer for the Browns to beat up on Dallas.

Now watch the awsome hit by Sheldon Brown on Steven Jackson!