Jerry Jones In Philly

This morning on the way in 610WIP reported Jerry Jones’ private jet was at Philadelphia International Airport. As I listened they talked about calling the hotel and actually waking up Jerry Jones. If that is true…way to go.

The talk continued with speculation of why he is in Philadelphia. Is he looking make a deal with Runyan, or worse yet Dawkins?

Yesterday there was talk of Marvin Harrison being in town. Maybe he is just trying to break up any potential deal the Eagles and Harrison may be working on. There were also some posts about T.O. returning to the Eagles. WTF?!?!?

It would be great if Jerry Jones has an interest in L.J. Smith! All be it probably not but…Would you take TO Back if Dallas were to take LJ? I know it would never happen but… Man that is a hard question.

Jerry Jones Thinks About Football

Jerry Jones Thinks About Football

Phillies Tickets

Phillies Spring Training is officially under way which means Phillies baseball will soon return to Philadelphia.  Now is the perfect time  to purchase tickets for the 2009 season as the Phillies look to defend the World Series Title.  Phillies Tickets are a great birthday gift for friends and family with summer birthdays!

Here are a few games of interest:

Phillies Home Opener against the Atlanta Braves April 5th
Phillies vs Boston Red Sox June 12th – 14th

Phillies World Champions T-shirt Day – April 7th
Phillies World Champions Ring Ceremony – April 8th
Turkey Hill Kid’s Opening Night & Cole Hamels MVP baseball & Collectible Tin- April 18th
Charlie Manuel Bobble Figurine - April 28th

Hatfield Phillies Franks Dollar Dog Games
* 4/20, 4/27, 5/12, & 9/28

Why Not Get Phillies Tickets

Why Not Get Phillies Tickets

Westbrook vs Buckhalter

I just took a look at the stats between Brian Westbrook and Correll Buckhalter.  What I found is kind of amazing and confirms my thoughts about Buckhalter.  That is, he should be given more playing time?  Corell Buckhalter, while having fewer starts then Westbrook, has a higher average number of yard per carry.  I understand the more a RB is used the more he will be seen as a target for the defense.  But it just seems like the Eagles could really stand to use Buckhalter more then they did in 2008.  There where quite a few plays this season where Buckhalter came through in the clutch.  I can also remember a few play where Westbrook literally came up short in big plays.  So I have to ask.  Why do the Eagles always rely so much on Westbrook?  He is a great RB when healthy.  But he was not healthy for most of the 2009 season.  So why did they not use Buckhalter more?  Who knows.  But one thing I do know and you’ll probably agree.  I know would absolutely love to see the Eagles split carries between both Brian Westbrook and Correll Buckhalter next in the 2009 – 2010 season.  Go Birds!

L.J. Smith Dropped

Like many of the passes thrown his way Eagles Tight End L.J. Smith will likely be dropped in the Eagles off season.  According to the Philadelphia Daily News…

The Eagles will be scrutinizing the tight-end crop at next weekend’s scouting combine in Indianapolis. They have no intention of bringing back L.J. Smith and would like to find a decent blocking tight end in this year’s draft to complement Brent Celek. The problem is, beyond top-rated Brandon Pettigrew, of Oklahoma State, there aren’t many tight ends who can block.

LJ Smith Dropping a Pass

Granted it would be great to a Tight End with blocking skills.  But after having Smith as the starting Tight End I would just like someone who could catch the ball.  A Tight End who could catch the ball and hang on to it would be a plus!  Get someone with those skill and let the coaches teach some blocking skills.

Spring Training

Well it’s that time of year.  Phillies Pitchers and Catchers are to report to spring training Saturday.  Not a moment too soon I might add.  Knowing that the Phillies brought back just about the entire 2008 starting line up gives me a warm feeling.  A feeling we will have another successful season.  I feeling that yes,  we do have a chance to have a parade again.

There are how ever some unknowns… Will Chase Utley be healthy by opening day?  What will the Phillies pitching rotation look like?  But what I really worried about is…will I be able to make it on dollar dog day!  Serious though.  Ruben Amaro Jr did a great job in the off season, and I do hope chase is healthy by the start of the season.  And yes, I like you, am hoping and dreaming of a back to back Phillies parade.

Phillies Parade Dream










Now get back to work!

Sixers Are On A Run

It seems like the sixers are on a good run here people. Tony DiLeo has the personality of a pencil, but he has got the team playing great, and WINNING!! they lost a heart breaker to the celtics last week, but they come right back and win 4 in a row. the fact that brand is out and they still win is amazing. After the All Star break I see them continuing this trend of winning. Andre Igudala is stepping up and i can’t say enough about the rookie Maurice Speights!! The Sixers willl definatly make some noise down the stretch and make the playoffs!!

McNabb Blames The Defense

A few weeks ago the Eagles were knocked out of the playoffs.  Which I am still in the process of getting over.  Sometime after the game Donovan McNabb basically blamed the Eagles defense for the loss.  In an interview he made mention that the Cardinals were afraid of the Eagles offense so the ran the ball to avoid giving the Eagles time to score.

The fact of the matter is that the Eagles offense was shut down pretty much the entire first half.  That would not make me fear the offense.  David Acres missed field goal opportunities.  That would not make me fear an offense.  And finally running the ball to try to score and not leave time on the clock is just good sold clock management. Enough said?

Donovan McNabb Eagles












Bottom line,  good clock managment helps win games.  Even in the playoffs.

Ryan Howard Contract

Well the Phillies and Ryan Howard have reached a deal.  A deal which will pay Ryan Howard $54 million over a three year period.  The  deal is surprising considering Ryan and the Phillies were just a few days away from arbitration.  The Phillies will pay Howard $15 million this season, $19 million in 2010 and $20 million in 2011.  That’s an average of $18 million over the three seasons.  Over the last few seasons Howard has struck out 199 time in 2007 and 2008, but has started more game in 2008 and has had more home runs in 2008.  So this is great!

With that all the Phillies will have almost the entire starting line up for last year.  The only starter for last year who will be missing is Pat Burrell, which really should be no real big loss.  The Phillies are in a great position to be able to defend their World Series title.

Ryan Howard the $54 Million Man