January 29, 2020

Hey Minnesota – BOO!!!

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As the NFC Champion Philadelphia Eagles entered Xcel Energy Center for Opening Night (formerly known as Media Day), the Minnesota faithful let them know in no uncertain terms that they are still not happy that the Eagles spoiled their party, beating the Vikings 38-7 in the NFC Championship Game in Philadelphia 9 days ago.  How, you ask? By booing the players as well as doing Skol chants as the players came in to take their respective podiums.   For weeks these fans were planning to cheer the arrival of the Vikings to this event – not the Philadelphia Eagles.

Since the game in Philly, Vikings fans have taken to social media complaining about what they perceived to be less than brotherly love extended to them by the Philly faithful.  Words like “criminal”, “deplorable” and “trash” have been used to describe Eagles fans.   Videos have circulated showing fans cursing at Vikings fans entering the Linc as well as fans throwing beer cans at Vikings Fans walking through one of the stadium parking lots.

While none of this behavior should be tolerated as it certainly crosses the line, you have to wonder if the Vikings fans, who are quick to point out they are “over” the loss, would still be fixated on what happened if the Vikings had prevailed.  Forget that Philadelphia hosted the NFL Draft and despite having fans from several different teams attending there were no arrests or any report of any verbal or physical harrassment.  Same goes for the Falcons playoff game one week before the NFC Championship Game as well as home divisional games against New York, Washington and Dallas.

So now, on a stage far bigger than the NFC Championship, the good fans of Minnesota have chosen this stage to boo the players for something they had nothing to do with.  Granted, the behavior of certain Eagles fans was unacceptable, and if any of them can be identified they should not be allowed anywhere near Lincoln Financial Field next season.  That being said, the behavior of Minnesota fans choosing to boo the players makes them look angry and bitter.

So from one Football fan to another, I say “BOO”.

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