September 20, 2019

Super Bowl Champion Eagles Paying The Price

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The day after losing Super Bowl 52, the New England Patriots said good bye to Defensive Coordinator Matt Patricia who became the Head Coach in Detroit.  A day later the Colts announced that Patriots Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels would be their Head Coach.  Or so they thought as McDaniels backed out, opting to stay in New England for reasons we probably will never know.

Its the price teams pay for success, and other teams want coaches from teams that have been to the top of the mountain.  Jeff Lurie’s first Head Coaching hire back in 1995 was Ray Rhoades.  He was the Defensive Coordinator for the just crowned Super Bowl Champion 49ers.  When the Falcons were up 28-3 last year in the Super Bowl the 49ers thought they were getting a Super Bowl Champion Offensive Coordinator in Kyle Shannahan to be their Head Coach.  We know how that worked out.

Now it’s the Eagles turn to lose coaches.   It’s been a while since John Harbaugh, Brad Childress and Ron Rivera were taken from Andy Reid’s Eagle staffs, but hardly unexpected.  John DeFillipo has departed for Minnesota to be the Vikings Offensive Coordinator.  McDaniels decision opened the door for Frank Reich, who was named Head Coach of the Colts.   They are both deserving of their new roles, although if DeFillipo had waited a couple days he would’ve had the option of staying with the Eagles as their new Offensive Coordinator.  It’s also possible he didn’t want to since here Pederson is the play caller.  In Minnesota he gets full control of the offense.

So now Assistant QB Coach Press Taylor, a hold over from the Chip Kelly staff, takes over as QB Coach.  Their was some thought that the Giants were interested in Running Backs Coach Duce Staley to be their Offensive Coordinator under new Head Coach Pat Shurmer.  The two worked together under Chip Kelly, but they decided on former Panther’s Offensive Coordinator Mike Shula to fill the position.  Now there is talk that the Eagles might break the position up and promote Wide Receivers Coach Mike Groh, a former Quarterback, to Passing Game Coordinator and put Staley into the role of Running Game Coordinator.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  In less than a week from winning their first Super Bowl, the Eagles are already not the same team they were.




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