September 20, 2019

Francessa: “Eagles Should Cut” Kelce

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Two days ago recently retired WFAN Afternoon Host Mike Francessa was on another New York radio station where he was asked about Jason Kelce’s speech.   He wasn’t as excited about it as those at the parade in Philadelphia last Thursday were.

Francessa asked why we had to listen to a 15 minute profanity laden tirade, and said someone should have hooked him off the stage.  Francessa’s issue was that families were there for a life experience to celebrate a Super Bowl with the parade and shouldn’t have had to hear the rant, and went so far as to say Kelce should be cut.  Act like a champion, he said.

As much as I agree that young kids shouldn’t hear profanity in public, who is Mike  Francessa to judge wha goes on in Philly? Are the Jets and Giants so boring that New York radio hosts bring on Francessa to talk about Jason Kelce? Cut me a break.  Act like a champion? I guess Michael Strahan didn’t get that memo during the Giants 2007 parade, jumping around like a fool yelling “stomp them out!”.   I’m sure if I went back and looked, the ‘86 Mets and ‘86 Giants, both of whom had some very colorful characters, probably did some interesting things as well.

I respect Francessa as one of the pioneers of Sports Talk Radio as we know it today.  That being said, enjoy retirement and leave Philadelphia alone.   Let the City and it’s players enjoy ending a 57 year Football Championship drought.

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