I am ready for some football, enough with the soap opera already !

by Joseph Birmingham I am ready for some football, enough with the soap opera already ! thumbnail

All right.  UNCLE.  NFL Gameday, 13 minutes coverage on Michael Vick, 2 minutes coverage on the upcoming Eagles game.  I have been anti Vick since his signing, in part because of what his personal choices were, and in part because I don’t feel he is that good of a QB.  He is a great runner, a below average passer, and an average team mate.

This team was highly touted BEFORE the Vick signing, why have they been relegated to road kill on the side of the road, hardly worth a mention?  I know they are a disappointing 1-1, but all you “sports know it alls on useless TV shows” How about showing our team some respect?

We have guys besides Westbrook, McNabb, Jackson, and yes Vick, how could I forget Vick?!!!  If you came here from another planet you would think the three injured Eagles and the one ex-felon were the entire team.  What is happening to our world, when a regular, hard working football player can’t rate a mention unless he is on Inside Edition or a team medical report?

I was going to boycott the Eagles because of their poor choice of off season pick ups, but even I realized this would be unfair to all the other hard working anonymous Eagles that give it their all week after week.  I came around.  Now can we finally talk about some football??   I honestly hope Vick comes in, has his first NFL regular season appearance since going to jail, and STINKS!  Then we can forget about Reid’s school girl crush on the wildcat and get back to playing some shove it down your throat and defend the goal-line like the “pack of wild jackals Eagles old school football” that all the fans are accustomed to. 

I pick the Eagles to win today, only because the Chiefs suck so badly.  Then the bye week and I pray McNabb recovers in time to come back and start so we can put Vick where he belongs, on the sideline, to be trotted out occasionally, a curiosity at the freak show he has made of his life.

 If everyone would STOP talking about him to the detriment of the team, maybe I could get over his signing and enjoy watching him play.  Now the talking heads are all commenting on how he won’t be a starter here.  Wow!  News flash.  They are unsure why Reid signed Garcia but is starting Kolb.  Maybe it is because Reid came to his senses when McNabb got hurt (on an illegal hit that got NO coverage by the way) Reid knows Vick is not a starter or a mentor for Kolb, hence Garcia.   I have said this since Vick was signed and had several internet skirmishes in defense of this position.  Now all the pros are jumping on MY bandwagon?  I don’t think so.

 GO EAGLES!  And leave Vick behind like the road-kill he should be, and win this without him and maybe you will get back some of the respect you so richly deserve.

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  1. BigGreek24 on September 28th, 2009 10:32 am

    Disappointing 1-1? Did you really think they were going to beat the Saints?

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