$5000.00 Fine for Kolb Necessary?

by Marc Fanelle

        The Nonsensical Fines League strikes again!!!!  In a league which once fined Micheal Vick, then playing with the Falcons, $15,000 for socks that weren’t right because his out side socks fell down.  The fact of the matter was Vick had two pairs of socks on the team socks and one’s underneath for his own comfort.  The team socks fell down or were slouched by Vick himself, neither of which is important.  He was fined because his socks weren’t pulled up.  It’s understandable that Brandon Merriweather was fined, he probably should be suspended.  The fact that James Harrison was fined is ridiculous.  Both of his hits were when a player had the ball or about to get that ball and jar it loose.  The was no leading with the helmet, he used his shoulders and arms to hit the runner to dislodge the ball.  The hit that T.J. Ward put on Jordan Shipley should not have been a fine either!  How can you throw a flag and fine someone when a player has the ball in his hands and you hit them to make it an incomplete pass.  The Dunta Robinson hit on Desean Jackson in no way should have warranted a fine or even a flag.  Dunta barely even hit him with his helmet.  It was 95 percent shoulder pad, but because Desean weighs 160 pounds and got the whip lash of a tractor trailer hitting a moped was the reason a flag was thrown.  Merriweather’s hit differs from Ward’s because even though they hit the receivers in the same fashion but Heap had already drop the ball while Shipley would have scored a touchdown.  The most egregious of all the fines is Kevin Kolb.  $5000 isn’t a lot of money to a NFL player but why does a QB get fined for a horse collar.  I understand the penalty in the game, which is almost absurd, but it’s understandable.  Fines should only be administered when a player shows intent to injure someone or if a player is completely negligent to the rules.  Kolb wasn’t trying to injure he was just trying to save a touchdown.  Its bad enough the NFL has taken touchdown celebrations out of the game.  Many of which are very creative and non-malicious in nature.  So if the NFL wants a bunch of two hand touch robots to play football so be it. 

         Players can’t be told to change the intensity of the game.  A player has been trained to destroy the opponent since they were six years old.  With coaches saying to kids destroy him, destroy the enemy.  Then when the player gets a penalty, the coaches play it off to the refs that it was all the player and he can’t control one rogue player.  So do we have to start coaching differently when players are young or does the NFL just keep living with this hypocrisy.  Former players are coming out in protest, mostly because current players who protest will probably be fined as well.  A few players have already spoken out against it.  Channing Crowder of the Miami Dolphins has already said “As long as we wear helmets I’ll use mine to hit”.  Not caring about a fine Crodwer thinks that the NFL is making players think twice before doing things.  When you start to  think or if you go half speed that’s usually when you get hurt.  You can’t blame a player for not wanting to change especially when you’re a defender and taught to react and attack.  James Harrison’s unnecessary fines had him mulling over retirement, whether it was real or not we will probably never know but do you blame him for taking a stance against the powers that be.

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