Brian Westbrook says we will not retire

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Brian Westbrook made one thing clear yesterday: Just because his career as an Eagle is over, doesn’t mean his career in the NFL is as well.

Westbrook said that he will not be retiring and is looking forward to the next chapter of his playing career.

“My plan is not to retire,” Westbrook told the Associated Press. “My plan is to continue to play football. I’ve already started training for next season. That doesn’t necessarily mean there are teams that will pick me up … I’m going to put all my effort into [returning]. I will make a return to the NFL. It will just not be with the Philadelphia Eagles.”

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Plagued by injuries throughout his career, Westbrook suffered a pair of head injuries last season that had many wondering if he would ever play again. Even when Westbrook did play last season he wasn’t himself.

The Eagles owed the veteran running back 7.5 million, a price much too high to pay someone on the downside of his career with major injury concerns. That’s led the team to make a move tha,t although unpopular by many of the fans, is the right one from a business sense.

This goes beyond business though. Westbrook said that he may have been willing to take a pay cut to stay with the team but was never approached about doing so. He was released before the topic ever came up. That tells me that the main purpose of this deal was to move past Westbrook and put LeSean McCoy in a full-time starting role.

McCoy certainly has big shoes to fill. It will interesting to see how McCoy’s stats will compare with Westbrook’s next year – wherever he ends up.

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  1. king ed on February 25th, 2010 8:54 pm

    proud that westbrook gave everything he had on the field for the philadelphia fans..he will be missed..good luck b west

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