Are the Phillies on their way down?

by Doug

Well we are almost at the midway point of the baseball season.  The All Star game is next week and the Phillies are in third place and six games back.  What a shocker!  At the beginning of the season there was a real sense of anticipation and excitement.  We were all waiting to see how Roy Halladay would perform.  Personally I want to see the Phillies and Yankee back to the World Series, and this time we win!

Recently though the Phillies have been on a slide.  I’m not really sure when it started .  Maybe  when we lost Jimmy Rollins In the first game of the season.   Maybe it started back when the Red Sox came to town.  The Phillies lost two of three with the Sox shutting out the Phillies in Game two.   But  the slide rapidly intensified  when the Phillies went to NY for a series against the stinky Mets.  There the Phillies were unable to score even one run over three games.

Recently, the Phillies placed Chase Utley and Placido Polanco on DL.  Utley would out for at least 8 weeks.  Do the math and Utley might be back in September.

Through out all of this there is speculation about Jason Werth.  While Werth has proven to be an out standing asset he has had his struggles recently.  There is also the question of his contract at the end of 2010.

So with all this in mind are the phillies on a slide?  If so how big?  Will they make the playoffs this year?  How about next year?  I realize one team can not always be the ones to win, but I sure how this slide does not last until 2020.

Phillies place Utley and Polanco on DL

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  1. BigGreek24 on July 10th, 2010 7:20 pm

    The Phillies have been scuffling a bit, but you have to give some credit to the Braves and Mets who have both played very good Baseball. The Phillies are a second half team, so we’ll see what happens after the All-Star Break, but they need a spark which maybe they got last night with that big comeback.

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