Philles-Mets overreactions – Take 1

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There’s nothing like the first installment of the Phillies-Mets rivalry to bring out the most uneducated comments from Philadelphia and New York fans alike.

This rivalry, which will have 17 more meetings after tonight always gets folks talking on sports talk radio. It becomes more like comedy radio, actually.

The schedule makers have been nice enough to give each team a day of on Thursday leaving fans two full days to call in to 610 or 950 in Philly and 660 in New York. Now the smart baseball fan knows that the calendar reads April and that this series holds little meaning in what will take place this summer. At best the Phillies will finish the series with a 2.5 game lead on New York. At worst they will be 3.5 games back. The end result will likely lie somewhere in the middle. But sports talk isn’t rational. However, as I said earlier it is funny, so here are just a few of the things I have heard stated on the AM dials in both Philadelphia and New York. One or two of these statements might actually prove to be true:

- The Phillies will sweep this series and the Mets will be back to fourth place by next week.

- A series win by the Mets will show that they will be in contention deep into the summer.

- Mike Pelfrey (4-0, MLB-leading 0.69 ERA) has emerged to give the Mets the best No. 2 in baseball.

- Mike Pelfrey is garbage and will be rocked on Saturday.

- The Mets announcers are the worst in the game.

- The Phillies announcers put you to bed.

- Philadelphia wants to be New York.

- New York wants to be Philadelphia.

- Cole Hamels is better than Johan Santana.

- The Mets winning streak means nothing because it came during a home stand.

- The Mets winning streak is a sign of things to come as it coincided with the arrival of Ike – Davis and the return of Jose Reyes.

- Ike Davis is a fluke.

- Ike Davis has a swing comparable to Ted Williams (this after 10 games).

- David Wright’s time has come and gone. He is just an average baseball player.

- All of those flyball outs hit by David Wright at home will be 10 rows deep at Citizens Bank Park.

- This series will set the tone for the entire season.

Ah, let the fun begin.

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  1. Erin on April 30th, 2010 9:48 pm

    I like your take. Should be a fun one.

  2. Mets Take Game 1 Phillies Philly Sports on April 30th, 2010 10:42 pm

    [...] Erin says – I like your take. Should be a fun one. [...]

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