Phillies going back to the World Series!

by Eric Schwartz Phillies going back to the World Series! thumbnail

Bring on the Evil Empire.
Or for that matter, Los Angeles second team.
The Phillies are going back to the World Series.
Jayson Werth hit two home runs including a three-run bomb in the second inning and the Phillies defeated the Dodgers 10-4 to advance to their second-straight World Series.
On a night where Cole Hamels gave up three home runs and didn’t make it through the fifth, the Dodgers still never had a chance. It wasn’t quite Game 3’s 11-0 white-washing, but it was a blowout from the middle innings on.
What a moment for the team and the city. Faced with several questions entering the postseason, the Phillies have ran through their competition, going 8-2 against their National League opponents.
With the way the Phillies bats have produced this postseason, I don’t know if anyone can stop them from winning their second straight World Series.
Enjoy the moment, Phillies fans — The Phillies are four wins away from once again being the best team in baseball!

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  1. Stephen Seidel, Renegade Reporting on October 22nd, 2009 5:15 pm

    THE SHACK, a Philly bar in Santa Monica, CA.

    Where were you when the Phils clinched their second World Series visit in 2 years??

    Phils phans represented at ‘THE SHACK’ in L.A., PHILS World Series Berth Celebration

    -Stephen Seidel,

    We also have a group called, PATOLA, Pa to LA on Facebook.

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