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by Doug

Welcome!  Philly Sports Blog is my blog dedicated to sports in Professional Philiadelphia.  I was born and raised in the Philadelphia area and have been a sports fan my entire life.   My earlies memories of Philly Sports date back to the mid 1970s. During that time my fataher would put the stero headphones one me and I was to tell him everytime someone would score.  I did this so he could watch the Eagles game.  Talk about multitasking. 

Well the years have passed and I’m still very much a fan of all Philadelphia’s major sports teams.  In the coming days I’ll be adding post after post about the ups and downs of the Phillies, Eagles, Sixers and Flyers.  I hope you find the post entertaining.  

Feel free to comment and interact on any post.  If your comment contains too many explicatives or otherwise looks like spam it will be held for moderation

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