The Sixers have quit on city, team

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It is pretty much a forgone conclusion that Eddie Jordan will not be welcomed back next season as the coach of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Hopefully, half the roster is shown the door with him.

The Sixers do not have the least talent in the NBA. Their roster includes a former All-star at power forward (Elton Brand); a talented, if overpaid guard (Andre Iguodala); a $12 million center (Samuel Dalembert); a young guard scoring 14.9 PPG (Lou Williams); and a young forward with big upside (Thaddeus Young).

Yet they play like the Washington Generals.

The Sixers aren’t just losing, they are failing to show up. In nine of the most recent 10 losses the team has suffered, the Sixers have been defeated by double digits.

Some of these losses can be explained. Losing by double figures to the Lakers, Magic, Hawks, Suns and Celtics can at least be partially accepted for a team that was not expected to be a contender when the season started.

However, big losses to the Heat, Bulls, Raptors, Pacers and most recently the Bobcats can not. There simply is no excuse for the team’s lack of competitive spirit.

It’s not like tanking the season will do the Sixers any good, as the Nets (seven wins) and Timberwolves (14 wins) already have the top two in the lottery locked up. Being the third-worst team in the NBA won’t give the Sixers enough ping pong balls to really make a difference from being the sixth worst team.

It is clear that this team doesn’t care. They have a bunch of veteran players who got fat contracts for mediocre production. They do have some promising youth in Young and Jrue Holiday, but they have not been around long enough to make their opinions heard in the locker room.

The Sixers have no identity and that’s a problem that must be fixed soon. Does anyone know the plan for this team? I certainly haven’t heard one.

This city is not going to tolerate quitters. This year’s group of Sixers fits under that billing. The attendance has reflected that

It’s time to blow the whole thing up, from GM Ed Stefanski, to Jordan, to a large bulk of the roster. This team is going nowhere. It’s time the front office and roster does.

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4 Responses to “The Sixers have quit on city, team”

  1. Ryan on March 11th, 2010 3:54 pm

    This is why basketball stinks. They are stuck with those big contracts and cant do anything about it. The NBA needs a hard cap.

  2. Eric Schwartz on March 11th, 2010 4:00 pm

    Yup. The team couldn’t deal Iguodala and Dalembert because of their giant contracts. How Billy Kings gave out some of those deals I will never know.

  3. king ed on March 11th, 2010 6:40 pm

    will comcast please fire donnell marshall on sixers post game live. im sick of watching sportsrise in the morning and hearing his dumbass reading word by word off the telepromter!and talks to the team! no one on the team is listening to you! die!

  4. Joseph Birmingham on March 11th, 2010 7:19 pm

    Yes, being third worst doesnt give them much of a bump in the lottery, but being 6th worst doesnt put them in the playoffs. And, in this town, with the Phillies at or near #1 in the league and the Eagles at or near #1 in their division, missing the playoffs is just as bad as being third worst league wide.

    Time to start over. Better to rebuild for a couple years than continue the way they are going now. The guys with the ridiculous contracts are the anchors that will weigh this team down for years to come. Get rid of Eddie Jordan, and the overpriced non performers, and cut the payroll in half so they can start building now, or the fans will be gone and won’t come back.

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