September 20, 2019

‘Twas The Night Before Super Bowl LII: Why The Eagles Win

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Yesterday we gave you a few reasons why the Patriots will win their sixth Super Bowl title.   Tonight we look at why the Eagles will win their first ever Super Bowl title.

  1. Fletcher Cox.   He does exactly what Tom Brady doesn’t like.  He pushes his blocker right into the pocket, allowing his ends to get to the QB and disrupt Brady.   Cox  has been dominating in the two playoff games and unless the Patriots find an answer for him, there is no reason to think he won’t continue.
  2. Coaching.  These aren’t the Andy Reid Eagles.   Pederson and his staff aren’t stubborn enough to continue doing things that don’t work, and they make adjustments on the fly as well as during halftime.   Pederson installed offensive plays that Foles can run well to make him comfortable in the offense.   Schwartz and his defense manage to get pressure without the need to blitz, and they rotate guys like Derek Barnett and Chris Long into the game to give guys like Cox and Graham plays off so they are fresh going into the 4th Quarter.
  3. Nick Foles.  Say what you want, but Foles has played great during the two playoff games in relief of the injured Carson Wentz.   He isn’t Carson Wentz, and for the Eagles to win he doesn’t have to be.  He doesn’t even have to be as good as he was against the Vikings two weeks ago.  He runs the run/pass option plays very well and doesn’t seem to let anything bother him during the game.  If the Eagles are down late in the game, Foles can lead the offense down the field to win the game.
  4. Jake Elliott.  Sure, he’s missed an extra point here and there, but with his ability to hit from 50+ yards, the Eagles only have to get to the Patriots 35 to score.   Elliott has made some huge kicks this season, including a team record 61 yarder to beat the Giants in just his second game as an Eagle week 3.
  5. Underdog Status.  This team has been written off every week since losing Wentz week 14.  Prior to that they were considered the best team in the NFL.  They are more balanced than the Patriots, and despite having only six players with Super Bowl experience (the Patriots have 33), this group has overcome so much this season that there is no reason to believe they cannot win.

The Pick:

Eagles take an early lead which they take into halftime.  Despite sputtering a bit in the second half they withstand a late Patriot comeback to win 24-20.

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