Making the case: Vick for starter in 2010

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Michael Vick is a weapon, plain and simple. He can run, pass and he is capable of the big play at any time.

When the Eagles signed Vick last offseason they did so to give an athlete with a troubled past a chance to rebuild his reputation in the community and show that he could also still get the job done on the field.

I think most would agree that he went 2-for-2.

It is almost a certainty that the Eagles will not keep Vick around as a backup considering his contract calls or him to make 5.2 million next season. Reid has already come out and said that Donovan is his guy next year, but plenty can change in an offseson.

The Eagles have three options with “the original wildcat: They can decline his option leaving him to go free elsewhere; pick up the option and trade him; or trade McNabb and make Vick the starter.

While option three seems the most unlikely, let’s examine it.

It is hard to look too deep into Vick’s numbers this year considering he attempted only 13 passes during the regular season – completing six for 86 yards. He also ran the ball 24 times for 95 yards. Vick was used sparingly during the regular season and most of his plays were designed to set up this big moment on Saturday.

It was the one highlight in an otherwise miserable day for the Eagles and their fans.

For his career, Vick has been up and down. He has tons of highlight runs and has a cannon for an arm, but also lacks the consistency to be an accurate pocket-passer.

So how does it make sense for him to become the starter in Philadelphia?

I think it could be a good move for the franchise if they get an offer for McNabb that is too good to refuse – as in, above market value. The fans are clamoring for a change and starting Vick would certainly qualify. The team could keep both Vick and Kevin Kolb for next year and see how things transpire. If it becomes clear that Vick is not the guy, you have a young backup you can turn to. If it does work out you can negotiate an extension with Vick to keep him in Philadelphia.  Either way, one of th two QBs would become the “man” in the future.

Is it likely? No. Could t work? Yes.

Fans have seen what the McNabb-Reid combo can do. They want a new look and this could be the one.

Check back on Wednesday when we make a case for Kevin Kolb to be the 2010 starter.

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2 Responses to “Making the case: Vick for starter in 2010”

  1. BigGreek24 on January 12th, 2010 5:03 pm

    Its more like the fans have seen what the McNabb/Reid combo can’t do than can do. I’d rather keep McNabb than use Vick as the starter – he was very inconsistent as a starter in Atlanta, but I’d sure deal him to a team that could use a starting QB.

  2. Silver and Green on January 12th, 2010 10:21 pm

    It’s time for McNabb to go. Dallas has gotten better and the Eagles have gotten worse. I like Vick, but I think he is out and Kolb should be in.

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