Welcome Back J-Roll, Now Stick Around For A While

by BigGreek24

I know, Jimmy Rollins has been in the Phillies lineup the entire post season.  That was one of the problems with the Phillies offense.  Dropped to the 6th spot (I’d have hit him 8th), J-Roll was nothing more than a shell of himself in Game 1 of the NLCS, just as he had been during the NLDS, going 1 for the Post season thus far.

Well, that ended last night in the 7th inning as after Giants Manager Bruce Bochy decided to put Jayson Werth on intentionally after Ryan Howard struck out for the 2nd out to load the bases with the Giants down 3-1.  No sooner could you say Jonathan Broxton did Rollins mash a Casilla pitch off the right field wall (I thought it was a Grand Slam when it first left the bat) and the Phillies suddenly had put away an inferior opponent, 6-1, en route to tying the NLCS as the scene shifts to the left coast and San Francisco.  Game three tomorrow afternoon will put Cole Hamels against Matt Cain.  Should be another fantastic matchup.

Asked if he had considered pinch hitting for Rollins in that spot, Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel quipped “Nope, never entered my mind”.   Although the move didn’t work that time, Bochy did what any smart manager would’ve done.  Werth had taken Lincecum deep the night before and let’s face it – - Rollins has not looked either sharp or comfortable – - take your pick – - at the plate during the post season.  Thankfully he hasn’t let his offensive struggles affect his always sharp defensive skills.   Whether he hits leadoff, sixth, eigth, etc. the Phillies need Rollins to join the offensive hit parade if they are to not only win the NL Pennant for the third consecutive year, but also to help them do what matters most – win the World Series for the 2nd time in three years. 

Here’s hoping the 7th inning last night is the kick start the Phillies needed to roll the Giants righ on out of the Playoffs.

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  1. Silver and Green on October 18th, 2010 4:25 pm

    When Rollins hits this team can’t be stopped. Let’s hope last night was a return to form.

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