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The Sixers and Flyers won on the same day?
Yea right and the Phillies are trading away Cliff Lee and bringing in Roy Halladay.
What a wild 24 hours it has been for Philadelphia sports fans. Fresh off one of the more exciting games of the NFL season — the Eagles Sunday Night win over the Giants — the fireworks kept coming.
The news that Roy Halladay is coming to town (I would expect the deal to become official at some point Tuesday) has had an interesting effect on the area’s sports fans. Some love it already, while others can’t quite grasp the idea of sending away Lee, who was 4-0 in the postseason. The whole deal hinges on Halladay agreeing to a contract extension, which would keep him in Philadelphia for an additional three years.

And while we were suddenly filled with baseball talk on a Monday in September the Sixers went out and did something they hadn’t done the last 12 games — win.
Thaddeus Young had one of the best games of his short career, posting 26 points to go with 14 rebounds and Iverson looked comfortable in a 20-point effort. Not only did the Sixers win, but they dominated, going up by 20 in the second quarter and cruising to a 117-101 victory.
Looking to spark his team, Eddie Jordan decided to bench Elton Brand and start Jrue Holiday in the backcourt with Iverson. For at least one day it worked, as Holiday had 15 points, seven rebounds and six assists, showing his all-around game.
While the Sixers were on their way to victory the Flyers had a remarkable feat, scoring two goals in a single period. Trailing 1-0 in the third, the Black-and Orange fought back with a pair of goals to down the Bruins. The win also helped the Flyers leapfrog the Rangers in the standings.


So to recap, in the last day and a half the Eagles beat the Giants to take over the NFC East lead, Phillies got the ball rolling on acquiring Roy Halladay, the Flyers past the Rangers and the Sixers beat somebody.


Enjoy it, because days like that don’t come around much.

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  1. BigGreek24 on December 15th, 2009 11:14 am

    Not sure why fans don’t grasp the situation with Lee. Yes, its great that he was great in the post-season, but if you can’t sign him beyond 2010 you watch him walk away and get nothing while with Halladay you’ll have him for 2010 and three more years beyond. It appears that the Phillies are going to deal prospects to the Jays and get some prospects back from the M’s. I like Halladay better than Lee – he’s more of a power pitcher than Lee is.

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