Phillies dominate Nationals

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The first game of the season is in the books and things turned out exactly as Phillies fans hoped it would. Roy Halladay was dominant over 7 innings and Placido Polanco had six RBIs and a grand slam in an 11-1 spanking of the Washington Nationals.

Opening Day is the always time for overreactions from fans, so I won’t go there.

But I will give you a few quick thoughts.

First impressions

— Halladay has some serious movement on all of his pitches. Not much Halladay did surprised me today as he is the model of an ace. Actually the only thing that was a surprise was each time the Nationals managed a hit. His stuff was that good today.

— Tom McCarthy loves him some Roy Halladay. I’m talking about the “want to take him home” kind of love. It was bad.

— The Phillies are going to lead the league in Grand Slams again. When Polanco is raking them out, you know your in for big things. Plus this team always fills up the bases.

— Rollins looks like the J-Roll of old. He clearly wasn’t himself last season, never really finding a groove after an awful first half of the year. He had two hits and was on base four times. In other words, he was a perfect leadoff hitter.

— The Mets won 7-1 today, which is good news for the Phillies’ rival. The bad news: Four more days until Santana can throw again.

— Sarge went the whole game without using the phrase “as well” or “slide-piece.” Don’t expect it to happen again.

— As I’m writing this Braves rookie Jason Heyward just destroyed a home run in is first career at-bat. This kid might just be as good as advertised.

— The Phillies played smart, sound baseball. Now all they have to do is keep that up for a 161 games plus the playoffs.

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  1. Ryan on April 5th, 2010 6:51 pm

    hmmm i wonder why there was a cheap Mets plug in there.

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