For #5 What A Difference A Bye Makes

by BigGreek24

Wow, just two weeks after being benched and essentially being called out of shape and stupid by his head coach, Donovan McNabb received a 5 year $78 million dollar contract extension today.  $40 million of the contract is guaranteed.

McNabb will turn 34 soon and will be 39 during the final year of his contract.   Is this another case of Redskins owner Daniel Snyder spending money foolishly, or will McNabb still be a viable starting Quarterback for the next five years? Only time will tell, but the odds are in favor of this deal going down as another foolish decision by the Redskins owner.   McNabb has said over the past week or so that he spoke with both Head Coach Mike Shannahan and Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shannahan and was happy with what he was told regarding the benching two weeks ago against Detroit with 2:00 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter.  Rex Grossman replaced McNabb and was sacked immediately and fumbled the ball which was recovered and returned for a Detroit touchdown to seal the Redskins 4th loss of the season.

So, McNabb enters the game against the Eagles tonight with security knowing that he will be a Redskin until at least the age of 39.  Let’s see what he does with that security.

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